Digital approach in battery development workshop

Digital approach in battery development workshop

The DEFACTO Project hosted the “Online Joint Workshop: Digital approach in Battery development” on Tuesday, June 8th, 2021, at 13:30 (CET).

This event, organized by CIDETEC in collaboration with other LC-BAT-5, LC-BAT-6 and LC-BAT-7 projects, gathered a wide range of experts to discuss different approaches to implement digitalization for battery development, and it counted with over 170 attendees.

The participating projects were 3BelieveCOBRA, DEFACTO, HYDRALiPLANETMODALIS2, and SeNSE. The workshop also counted on the presence of  BATTERY 2030+, an initiative promoting long-term research in the battery field that is comprised by seven more projects.

The session aimed to build a high-level meeting point for stakeholders across Europe to discuss real case scenarios where digitalization is accelerating battery development, from manufacturing, design, and control perspective. The workshop was divided in two parts: a first one with different short talks, and a second one with parallel technical sessions. Moreover, Oscar Miguel Crespo, Deputy Director at CIDETEC Energy Storage, welcomed the session, and Luca F., from CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, made an introduction about the EU battery research activities.

During the first part, the projects presented their work to boost large-scale mass production of competitive battery technology (mainly Li-ion and advanced Li-ion) for electric vehicles, Professor Kristina Edström presented the European large-scale research initiative BATTERY 2030+ working on developing the green batteries of the future, and  CIDETEC  showcased a software tool to accelerate and make cell design more reliable while obtaining the highest energy density, cyclability, time2market and target cost thanks to digital solutions.  

Meanwhile, the second part consisted of the following parallel sessions:

  • Automatic data extraction and analysis, moderated by Prof. Alejandro A. Franco, from the University of Picardy Jules Verne.
  • Digitalization in battery manufacturing, moderated by Prof. Arno Kwade, from the Technische Universität Braunschweig.
  • Digitalization in battery design, moderated by Prof. Dr. Arnulf Latz, from DLR.
  • Digitalization in battery control, moderated by Prof. Dr. David Howey, from the University of Oxford.

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Below, you can find the recording of all the sessions:

Digital approach in battery development workshop. Main session
Artificial Intelligence for Battery Manufacturing Dara Analysis. Parallel Session 1
Digitalization in Battery Design and Control. Parallel Session 2
Digitalization in Battery Manufacturing. Parallel session 3
Digitalization and Battery Control. Parallel Session 4
Digital approach in battery development – Wrap up and conclussions

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