Time-adaptive DEFACTO reduced p4D tool

Time-adaptative reduced p4D tool

In the framework of DEFACTO project an adaptive reduced order model to accelerate the simulation of a battery p4D model has been developed. A software tool based on this model is available for download here:

DEFACTO p4D reduced v1

The software tool is based on two main components:

The first component (called CIDEMOD) is based on the FEniCS  finite element library (https://fenicsproject.org) and the FEniCS extension multiphenics. It also uses the meshing tool Gmsh (http://gmsh.info/). The resulting tool is able to solve continuum p2D, p3D and p4D battery models.

The second component (called ECHROM) is an implementation of a model order reduction technique and provides a significant on-the-fly acceleration of p4D model simulations using CIDEMOD, which is relevant since those simulations can be extremely demanding in computational terms.

The resulting software is released under a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) licence. In particular, GNU Affero General Public License version 3 is used. A file containing a package built using the Docker platform (https://www.docker.com/) can be downloaded using the button above. The reduced p4d model software can be installed for GNU/Linux, MacOSX and Windows systems.

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