What is DEFACTO?

DEFACTO aims to develop a multiphysic and multiscale modelling tool to improve the understanding of cell material behaviour and cell manufacturing process and to reduce the time and economic resources for the market uptake of cell innovations, facilitating new high capacity and high voltage Li-ion cell generation 3b batteries.


1 – Generate an integrated software tool to describe cell behaviour with maximum accuracy and at reasonable computing costs.

2 – Optimize the design of a cell by including all relevant design variables and analyzing different physical domains.

3 – Reduce the number of experiments by a factor of 3 in the cell development phase.

4 – Contribute to the standardization of measurement procedures.

5 – Creation of New Market opportunities and improvement of industry competitiveness.




DEFACTO will ensure maximum accuracy in cell modeling at reasonable computing costs.
DEFACTO will lower the development time and cost for battery cell by 30%.
DEFACTO will decrease the number of experiments dedicated for cell design and cell manufacturing optimisation.
DEFACTO will reduce battery R&I cost by 20%.
DEFACTO will extend the battery lifetime and reduce the environmental impacts caused per battery produced.


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