DEFACTO hosts online meeting with MODALIS2

DEFACTO hosts online meeting with MODALIS2

Our project coordinator María Yáñez, from CIDETEC, held an online meeting with representatives from IFP Energies Nouvelles, coordinator of the LC-BAT-06 project MODALIS2, on October 20, in order to seek potential synergies between this initiative and DEFACTO.

Advanced modelling and simulation tools are required that specifically target the electrode and cell level and addressing the fundamental understanding of materials and cell behavior.

MODALIS2 is taking a multidisciplinary approach for the development of advanced modelling methods based on different physical domains; systematic measuring of basic input parameters for modelling; manufacturing of prototype cells or cell components; demonstration of correlation between cell measurements and simulation.

Further talks will take place in the coming weeks with this and other related projects to look for potential collaborations.

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